Hosted Storage

Secure Online Access to Your Critical Information

AIM Records' hosted image storage services allow your employees to access your digitized documents from anywhere at any time with only a web browser. They provide a cost-effective, secure method of storing and accessing your records with no capital expenses in technology or staff.

Benefits of this service include:

Digital Drawer

AIM Records offers our own easy-to-use and cost-effective records management software.

Low Cost Data Access

  • Low cost of entry with no annual licensing fees.
  • Simple per-MB storage charges.
  • No per-user fees.

Flexible and Easy to Use

  • Works with all modern web browsers.
  • Scanned images stored in standards-compliant PDF format.
  • Supports storage of multiple document formats.
  • Powerful search capability using multiple customer-defined indexes.

PaperVision Enterprise

AIM Records is a reseller of the PaperVision Enterprise® records management software by Digitech Systems.

Improve Business Processes

  • Access and manage files directly from Microsoft® Office and other line-of-business applications.
  • Give employees more time to focus on primary business objectives by automating document processes.
  • Ability to scan new documents directly from a web browser.

Comply with Regulations and Electronic Discovery Guidelines

  • Ensure proper procedures are carried out by automating compliance processes and tracking activity.
  • Enforce compliant disclosures by requiring users to record who received information and why.

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